Ark Prose / Cadence EP

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Radio Cambrian Line w/Dave Sector : 26.07.18

Mariah Carey – Sweet Fantasy / Columbia Omar & Angie Stone – Be Thankful / Oyster Music Jean Carne – Don’t let it go to your head / Philadelphia International Records Oliver Cheatham – Don’t Pop The Question / Soul Junction James Mason – Sweet Power Your Embrace / Soul Brother Verner – Upset / Quartet […]

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GCW vs Cambrian Line

Been asked again to put together another sloppy mix of saucy gubbins for the Greta Cottage Workshop boyos, rolled out again for all the world to see, like a slightly more simple cousin, put in the stocks and ridiculed in front of the village. Dunce selectors cap firmly on expected the usual assortment of untidy […]

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  • Tune of the day: VtotheD – We see bonny babes trippin on acid

    It’s lush when your mates label is responsible for releasing one of your favourite dance records of all time. This, for me, is a masterclass in almost everything I love about electronic music. From the acid flourishes to the proggy pads to the kraftwerky breakdown ‘we cannot stop, we cannot hide, we feel the music… inside’. So happy […]

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  • Tune of the day: Kahn – Abbatoir

    Been working me tits off since 6 am on new comics and other fun shit. I must have ploughed my way through everything in my collection from ambient to disco to dub. This girthy bass assault from Kahn’s 2015 release is the one that’s stuck with me the most today. Hot stuff  

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  • Tune of the day: Tim & Coco – E Is For (Sonar’s Ghost Remix)

    A lush brand spanky new one from the mighty Myor massiv getting me through this boiling hot Thursday, especially enjoying this remix at the moment, cracking complex jungle

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  • Tune of the day (Cambo’s 37th bday spesh) : Luther Vandross – Never Too Much

    It’s me fucking borthday so I’m gonna bash out one of my all-time favourite records ever. One of the greatest intros ever to boot. There’s no greater feeling than rinsing this (or Street Life) at the end of a set in a room full of monged out gurners! Forget what them beardy white label fuckwits tell you, […]

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  • Tune of the day: Robert Hood – Black Technician

    Having a pre-birthday IPA to one of me favourite Robert Hood jams. Its hard to pick an RH fave but I love the wobbliness of this and them sci-fi chords sneaking in and out like some kind of cosmic version of ‘Where’s Your Child’ makes this a fucking masterpiece in my book.

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  • Tune of the day: Seiji – Into the Now

    Monday, Monday, fuckin Monday, everyone whines about it but I fucking love it me, back to work, get the paper out, get the ink out and most importantly… get them fucking chunes on. Heres an impeccable slab of Seinfeld slap bass Bruk from don dada Seiji on 2000 Black

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