Radio Cambrian Line 18th October ’18

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Clarach Rave Tapes Vol 1

Clarach Rave Tapes Vol 1: Coco Bryce by Coco Bryce The first Clarach Rave Tape has landed and what a tape it is, Coco Bryce takes us for a 60min joyride through 33rpm Jungle and Hardcore. 25 Copies only!!!! 1 per customer! Beautiful red hand stamped C60, encased in a gorgeous mirrored silver and black […]

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Ark Prose / Cadence EP

Cadence by Ark Prose Cadence EP is packed arses to elbows with sparse miserablist atmospherics and driving staccato rhythmic elements underpinning long string pads that that sound as though they wouldn’t be out of place on any good manga. We fucking love this and we hope you do too. Available as a Limited Edition Tape, […]

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  • Tune of the day #103: Bochum Welt – New Europa

    I’m staying up late tonight, waiting for me yoghurt machine to do the business. Tell you what though, after a good few hours of smashing the Hardcore and Jungle on the old noodly Noods radio, its nice to sekkle. So, here’s a lovely 6 am bubbler from Bochum Welt.

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  • Tune of the day #102: Ian Dury and the Blockheads – Clever Trevor

    It’s been a well clubby weekend, and it’s looking like being a well clubby week n all … Clarach Rave Tapes 2 is coming out on Friday!So, let’s have a luscious spiralling bit of pub rock from a proper Legend!

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  • Tune of the day #101: Ploy – Zoom

    Been rooting me way through the Timedance catalogue this afternoon, what an incredible psychedelic drum led banger this is, whirling synth patterns over rattling snares got me all excited in the posterior. Clever Trevor

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  • The Awakening – Mirage (Black Jazz)

    The Awakening’s second album on the legendary Black Jazz Records. Originally released in 1973, ‘Mirage’ is a sprawling masterpiece of spiritual jazz which takes in the whole spectrum. Effortlessly the Chicago sextet jumps between Hard Bop, Jazz-Funk and Free Jazz whilst still retaining a surprisingly consistent sound throughout, its a banger! Sadly, for me, I […]

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  • Dead Man’s Chest – Trip II Eclipse

    Dead Man’s chest comes correct with the final part of his Western Lore Trilogy and it’s a smasher! Blissed-out, oversaturated and laced with oodles of rave nostalgia. The title track is a clattering jungle affair fusing dub, tape noise and a lush mono stab. The flip-side of which being the half speed rehash ‘Dub II […]

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  • 01DEAS : The Maghreban

    I’ve been a fan of Ayman Rostom’s music for years, through his various projects working with the likes of Cappo, Jehst, Lee Scott and Kashmere as Doctor Zygote, and as one-half of UK hip-hop cosmonauts ‘Strange U’, not to mention his seminal Grupo Zygote album on Black Acre which merged haunted soundtracks, Ethio-jazz, library and […]

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  • Tape It! Some random thoughts on tapes

    A while back I saw a post by someone, I can’t remember who, asking ‘where the demise of digital sales (Spotify) and the rising price of vinyl leaves today’s producer or DJ’, presumably deep in shit was the general tone. I’ve been known to rant a bit about ‘the gentrification of dance music’ as I […]

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  • Cassettes / S&M / Ice

    In 1990-91 my muthler worked in NAAFI (Navy Army Airforce Institute if memory serves). Every so often would come home with a new cassette tape for me. Knowing rap was my interest at the time (I had no idea but the bigger lads liked it and I didnt want them to deck me) The first […]

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