3 X 2 – Sonar’s Ghost X GMHA / Sector 12/12

This charity EP on the ever brilliant Sector 12/12, sees Sonar’s Ghost go head to head with Greater Manchester Housing Authority in a funky face-off of epic proportions. As the title suggests, three tracks each from two great producers and all for 2 squid!

‘Love Boat’, sees Sonar’s Ghost travel deep into the bowels of Bruk!! Machine Gun vocal cuts jitter over wonky riddims and intermittent square bass stabs.

‘Ol Blue Eyes’ takes a more atmospheric junglist approach. Floating pads rise and fall over complex percussion samples punctuated by what sounds like an alarm clock.

‘The Molten Mole’ is possibly my favourite track on here, though it’s tough to choose. Combining the complexity of Broken beat with more darker, mechanical elements it’s the bastard child of Bruk, Krautrock and Dub…. Dark Bruk??? That’s the dream!

‘Hypnotica’ kicks off the GMHA portion of this release and it’s a bubbler. Crackly Jazz-Dance vibes here with a lovely off-beat piano break accenting the broken rhythm parts.

‘Rack and Ruin’ Is a lovely bit of kit, kicking off with filtered samples that make you feel as though you’ve been spoon-fed ketamine and strapped to a carousel in a long forgotten seaside town, before mutating into some kind of proggy disco burner.

The release closes with ‘Marget’ which sees GMHA treading fat city records water, with a late nineties Manc-hop vibe that’s right up my alley.

Six bangin tracks, 2 quid only and all for a good cause. You know what to do.