90s Obsession #1

Back to the old music again this week. Them what knows me are most likely aware of my general malaise when it comes to the current obsession with the 90’s. Being a certifiable old fucker, I just managed to clip the tail-end the 90’s Rave scene before it faded and the Hip-Hop scene along with it. Hyperbole hyperbole, plenty of great tunes, albums, clubs and all that wonderful stuff.

However Trevor it gets my goat when people attempt to live in the past. Recently I saw a huge article about all them great albums that came out in 97, which got me thinking.

So, now I’ve taken it upon myself to start a new two-panel mini-series called ’90’s Obsession’. I aim to pitch 97 against 2007 and maybe see where the little differences lie and why looking backward is, in my opinion, a dead end. The best dance music was always about dragging elements of the past kicking and screaming into the future, cobbling together what you can on whatever budget you have rather than paying hand over fist to copy jeff mills’ studio set up or shelling out vast sums of money for charity shop gems on discogs, This time round i’ll deal with the definition of crate digging 🙂 ….

You may have seen these around as they were kindly featured by Mixmag