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It’s been a while so let’s kick this off with a proper Sunday monster from Nina

Let’s end the week, and in fact, the month with one of the greatest tracks by one of the greatest bands ever to walk the earth. If you don’t agree I don’t care cos it’s my blog, go write your own if you want. Mushie soundtrack headspace banger right ‘ere.

Saturday night at the end of the day innit. I Just put the bairns to bed, got the red wine out and bosh its time for one of my all-time fave dark 2 step numbers. Bought this badboy in 2000 and its been a staple ever since, 18 years ain’t that bad really eh?

Early doors this morning, not done one of these for a while and woke up with this banging slab of balearic, Manuel Göttsching sampling, genius. Get it in your ears  

Brand new Peng Valley strip online now.  As little Dave commands the ravers big Dave’s wobbly continues, taking him to a garden of ecstasy and delight.

Impeccable jazz banger here from the mighty Sons of Kemet. Stick it in your ears

Evenin campers, been a couple of days since I posted one of these. Had a fucking magic rave experience yesterday afternoon at Mothers Finest dancing to Detroit in Effect. Grandpas legs hurt now tho boyz and gurlz. I can’t honestly remember if he played this specifically, but it’s the bollocks anyway so get on it!  

Got me old gents gurn on, all residual mandy firin’ round the system. This Ma-hoo-sif futuristic Jungle banger ticks all mi boxes today. Even the bairns phillin it.