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I’m staying up late tonight, waiting for me yoghurt machine to do the business. Tell you what though, after a good few hours of smashing the Hardcore and Jungle on the old noodly Noods radio, its nice to sekkle. So, here’s a lovely 6 am bubbler from Bochum Welt.

It’s been a well clubby weekend, and it’s looking like being a well clubby week n all … Clarach Rave Tapes 2 is coming out on Friday!So, let’s have a luscious spiralling bit of pub rock from a proper Legend!

Been rooting me way through the Timedance catalogue this afternoon, what an incredible psychedelic drum led banger this is, whirling synth patterns over rattling snares got me all excited in the posterior. Clever Trevor

Coming down from a proper lush rave at the greasy donkey yesterday. I’ve put the bairn to sleep and now I’m in me WRU jim jams cookin up some pasta to this hazy joyfest

Thursday evenin’, I’m wired off of too many sly butter biscuits and tryin’ to come down with a fat mug of camomile tea. What better time to listen to some braindance(y) acid wobblers? Here’s a right banger from Lake Haze.

Sorry missed out yesterday, I’m chocka at the mo, got the kiddies with me and all that, anyways, let’s enjoy a bashy slab of late-80s Avant-Garde Jazz, shall we?

Excursions through Balearic drifters, complex mechanical doodlings, sci-fi Acid and more with new bits from Kreggo, Facta and Dogpatrol.

Cambo back on controls this week with a selection of fruity bangers, darkly tech wobblers and other bits