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The Source, Oxford, off me tits, Grooverider, Ed Rush, Total Science or someone banging this, oh what a time to be alive

Apologies i’ve been neglecting the posts a little of late, life gets in the way innit. Here’s a fantastic slab of Roman-inspired Post Punk excitement with some impeccable drumming.

Another bubbly little heater for today, its the mighty Acid Arab with Hafla from the Djazirat El Maghreb EP

Banger of a summer tune and title track to an incredible album from Ramsey Lewis here, get it in yer ears

Massive Libyan Funk banger from Mr Fakrouns 1983 ‘Mots D’Amour’ Album, only sunshine bangers for the crew, get this down you. Might play this on the show this week (if I remember)

A frontrunner for one of my favourite soul records of all time, Love To Hate is an epic builder of a track that will always be in my heart. No talk required, just listen

Crackin anti-gentrification funk banger with some real bile in it from the Brooklyn Funk Essentials. All time fave this, speaks for Berlin as much as anywhere else these days

Impeccable full pelt soul music here from Heem the Music Monsters reissued on Jazzman, proper vibin’ out on this today