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It’s been a pretty shite Monday after an absolutely fuckin grand weekend so I’m listening to this wafty little pick me up from one of my favourite albums ever

Lursh little floater for the sun soaked saturday crew. Vibes infinitum

Traditionally I like to rag the old Acid, Jungle, Electro, ‘Ardcore and whatnot on the weekend but right now the suns turned up full blast, I’ve had an Ice Cream and been listening to BT Express and this Boogie Bad boy all day so, Here I am, naked, covered in Rewe honey, sending all my […]

Trying to lull myself out of a mahoosive mid week lull with this monster hardcore stück from Jerome Hill’s ‘Hornsey Hardcore’ project.

Absolute classic for your Monday boomboxes. Stick it on loud fucks sake

Clarach Rave Tapes Vol.4 – Denham Audio by Denham Audio The latest in the Clarach Rave Tapes continuum sees 3 likely lads known collectively as Denham Audio take the wheel. Inspired by the Sheffield rave scene, expect 60 minutes of Hardcore mutations, waltzer-friendly piano breaks and gun-finger inducing bass lines. The package features a beautiful […]