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A lush brand spanky new one from the mighty Myor massiv getting me through this boiling hot Thursday, especially enjoying this remix at the moment, cracking complex jungle

It’s me fucking borthday so I’m gonna bash out one of my all-time favourite records ever. One of the greatest intros ever to boot. There’s no greater feeling than rinsing this (or Street Life) at the end of a set in a room full of monged out gurners! Forget what them beardy white label fuckwits tell you, […]

Having a pre-birthday IPA to one of me favourite Robert Hood jams. Its hard to pick an RH fave but I love the wobbliness of this and them sci-fi chords sneaking in and out like some kind of cosmic version of ‘Where’s Your Child’ makes this a fucking masterpiece in my book.

Monday, Monday, fuckin Monday, everyone whines about it but I fucking love it me, back to work, get the paper out, get the ink out and most importantly… get them fucking chunes on. Heres an impeccable slab of Seinfeld slap bass Bruk from don dada Seiji on 2000 Black

It’s Sunday after all me burds so in that spirit lets enjoy a bit of classical prog/psyche. This is one of me all time favourites from that particular sphere of music.

Berlin soundtrack for me this and high in the running for my all-time favourite soul/funk jams. Sheer power and ecstasy throughout. I’m sat here cuddling an IPA listening to it like its the first time every time… Banger!!! I don’t have the original sadly, I’m underpaid and have two kiddiwinks to pay for but I do have the lovely Package […]

Drawing comics like a cunt all day today, proper buzzing off techno mixes. This one just popped up on one. Released in ’95 on Downwards, when I was in secondary school. Still bangs like a bastard. Stick it in you!

just popped into mi head, stonkin long winded grumpy house joint from nyra on secretsundaze innum. Get it in you