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The collaborative debut from Bearhead & Tapesounds (Alexander Aultman & Nate Kellogg) weaves its way through over 90 minutes of leafy, autumnal Post Rock inspired Electronica. Blending tape manipulation, field recordings and enchanting melodies to create a rich and beautiful melancholic journey. Available as a Limited Edition Tape, 50 Copies only!! White C90 of pure […]

We are moving the show over to the wonderful Noods Radio but no worries we will still post here as normal, you can also follow us on mixcloud where we’ll be reposting from NOODS. Anyroad, things are picking up, lots of releases on the way, its getting darker later, things are looking up. Then, bam, grey […]

Its been a weird old week full of highs and lows, strikes and gutters as the dude would say. In honour of that we’ve come up with a real up down selection for your audio pleasure burds. The second in our newly titled Radio Cambrian Line series spans a whole load of styff from the […]

After nearly a years break we’ve decided to bring back the radio show. We’ve received at least 2 requests in that year so that seems reason enough to revamp the look and change nothing with regard the content. In short WE’RE BACK!!! As usual, all over the shop-vibes, expect Jazz, Hip-Hop, Electronica, House, Techno, Dub, […]

Been a right hectic ol’ Munday, Defo in desperate need of some sultry soulful wigglings. This badboy from Bastien Keb’s 2015 Album ‘Dinking in the Shadows of Zizou’ is killing it for me at the moment, proper gurt lush meht.

Been a heavy day, loads to do, been printing up the new BHTS release stuff as well as working on some future releases not to mention drawing Ross Motherfucking Kemp for a new cartoon. This has been my biggest soundtrack for the day, 11 mins of pure bliss for me this. Lush pre weekend vibin […]

Been quite an uptempo week at Cambrian Towers to be fair, switching roles between teaboy and designer all week. Today has been a little more chilled, had a little fun making some edits, working on a little comic. Heres a stonking little balearic number on Cosmic Pint Glass for you’s to enjoy its given me […]

Been trying to keep mesen awake with bangers all day long. I’ve done em all see but this, this Organtastic Arabic stomper from Kalbata comes out as todays tippedy top!! This + a tonne of caffeine has kept this old fucker ship shape I tells ye…

It’s Tuesday! I’ve been well busy getting my shit together for the forthcoming BHTS cassette release on Cambrian not to mention the usual drawing comics etc. This ‘Let no man put asunder’ sampling little bubbler from turntable botherer Terrence Parker has featured heavy on the studio rotation. Get this down yer, one for the sunshine […]