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Midweek comedown crew I see you, its all gonna be ok, get a dollop of this down you.

Possibly one of my favourite Talking Heads numbers, almost certainly one of my favourite percussion loops, corker for dropping in the middle of a techno set. As a fun fact for you spotters out there, not only is it one of my favourite percussion loops ever but the congas were played by one of me […]

I’ve had a bangin’ day sorting out the latest comics, a trip round ikea with the family that didn’t end in divorce, a bit of kottbullar and back home to enjoy a bit of ice cream in the sun. In celebration of all that its time for a classic slab of bassline garage from the mighty Groove Chronicles.

Fantastic waves of ambient/neoclassical beauty filling up my sunday mindspace. Had a massive curry, now I’m just zonking out to this. Here’s hoping your weekend was a lovely as mine.

In tonight and I’m washing me hair to this massively influential dark garage banger, from Benny Ill and Bill Fuller under their Dub War guise. Get this is in you for fucks sake

Most of me mates are either off their tits in a field or playing in a field this weekend. Not me, Im at home, with the kids, giving them a proper edumaction in music. First up, this electro breaks bangarang from big man Joey Beltram.

The weekend is nearly upon us so let’s have a broken bubbler from the man like IG Culture. Real Dancers only!

Super-heavy industrial steppa on Bug’s stellar pressure label. Produced by Nagasaki’s G36.