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After a summer break, we are back in the pengest of valleys! Things are looking pretty tidy for the two Daves. They’ve won the coveted Bullseye grand prize and have become an overnight sensation. Little Dave has a few tricks up his sleeve too!

Part two of the Bullseye saga. Little Dave fucks up big time but can Big Dave pull it back and drive the win home?

In this issue of the Peng Valley webcomic we travel to the mystical land of Bullseye and meet the lord of Darts, Jim Bowen as big and little dave do battle for the grand prize

In this issue of the Peng Valley comic we get to know a little bit about Terry’s great great grandfather and his place in the whole saga.

In this issue of the Peng Valley comic, we start on our backward journey and try to learn a little bit about how we got here

This week we travel with Bryn to his place of work, the $hitcoin mines and learn a little about what it is he’d like to do to Bryns biological dad

In this first comic strip we meet the family and learn a little about what it is that makes 5th Gen leaf men so fucking angry

It’s been a well clubby weekend, and it’s looking like being a well clubby week n all … Clarach Rave Tapes 2 is coming out on Friday!So, let’s have a luscious spiralling bit of pub rock from a proper Legend!