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I fancy doing a week of non–darnce mostly Post-Punk and Punk numbers this week, for a bit of a change, so, let’s kick this rainy, icy motherfucking week off with a bit of narsty avant-garde jazz punk.

Sunday Mate, still on the couch, spent the last fucking hour trying to reclaim a silkscreen, what a ballache! However, just like today’s tune of the day where there’s pain, there’s joy too. Frankie Beverley knows what’s up!

Saturday night la, washed me hair ain’t I? Just put the littlest bairn to bed and I’m sitting on the couch in me WRU pyjamas gurning to this mega banger from way back when. I solidly remember being off me nut at Depth Charge in the back room of the Bullingdon Arms, Oxford around ’99 in […]

Tis Friday eve, it’s not time for clever white labels made entirely of sandpaper. It’s time for asses to wiggle, mine especially! I’ve had me tea and am currently strutting around to this banger, with a DIY Nemes Headdress on, which I’ve made out of old yoghurt pots and jazz-mags. Stick it on loud nobber! ‘The […]

Recorded live and direct from Cambrian Towers Neukölln. Join me for a post Silvester Soul music session of epic proportions featuring solid gold platters of joy from Eddie Kendricks, Billy Byrd, Sly & The Family Stone, Mandrill, Karma and Black Ice.

Proper enjoyable session on Noods today, playing Soul, Funk and Disco bangers. Here’s one I played and an emotional one for me, from Gold