Clarach Rave Tapes

Between Borth and Aberystwyth lies Clarach and within that Clarach market. In the late 80s and early 90s, Clarach Market was the place to find all the knock-off shit you needed. If you needed a Spliffy bomber, knock off Joe Bloggs, Diablos or rave tapes and peel sessions taped off the radio Clarach was where you went!

In that spirit, we’ve decided to begin our own knock-off rave tapes project. We've been getting some banging mixes in for our Noods Radio show so we’ve decided to do ultra limited runs of beautifully packaged rave tapes (25 tapes) in silver o-cards, with bespoke illustrations by bossman James , if it takes off we'll do more so obviously these will be numbered.

We will recoup only the manufacture costs and pass the remainder to a charity of the DJ/Artists choice. These will be concentrated mixtapes and live sets, well thought out, not just a selection of bangers but musical journeys to make you gurn, representative of an imaginary rave we would love to throw, so yeh, there’ll be a chillout tent!

With 25 tapes we estimate we will raise about 140EU per release for charity. Obviously, as this is only a small(ish) amount of money we will only be passing the money to smaller charities, local concerns and setups that can really use that kind of money.

No money will be passed to political organisations or any charity or organisation directly affiliated with them. We at Cambrian line feel that politicians are all cunts, whatever party they are affiliated with, it is our aim to circumvent the bullshit and give directly to people who can use it, not line the pockets of some lord or lady.

We want to bring the lucky few some wicked rave tapes, from wicked selectors that maybe create a little positivity in this world. When all’s said and done, rave was always about direct action, doing this shit outside of the system and never asking permission.

respect in every aspect,
The Clarach Tape Authority