Illustrated Review : Hove – Portes Du Soleil

I’m trying something new this week; Due to my other job, as a penniless DJ, I get sent an awful lot of promo releases, some great, some shite. I used to review new releases for a web-mag (back when that was a thing), It was a really enjoyable thing to do, especially when writing about electronic music. It’s a nice activity for the old brain to try and imagine how sounds can be translated into words or stories, even more fun as an illustrator.

Obviously I cant review the whole release in a comic (well, I could but it might be a bit time consuming and I aint getting paid for this), so Ive taken it upon meself to choose a track.

In this case the track I’ve chosen is the title track from ‘Portes du Soleil’ the latest release on Zurich’s Light of Other Days imprint. A fantastic little balearic bubbler. You can listen to and buy it here