Liem & Eddie Ness – Where Is The Shredmaster?

Liem & Eddie Ness return with this wonky, warm and electro-infused release on Hamburg’s Lehult imprint

The opener ‘STgsFF’ is a proper cheeky house adventure, with a glorious shuffle on the snare. If this was the mid-90s, I’d probably say it was Tech-House of the highest order, but you aren’t allowed to say that anymore, not since the bronzer wielding muscle bros appropriated it. Anyway, the whole thing works its way around a central downward lead with luscious filtered bass flourishes vamping around it. Think Euka-Tech/Euka-House at its peak.

The whole EP is gold but the pick for me is ‘Python Grab’ with its aquatic clicks playing 16ths over its Robocop bass line and dream-like pads working their way up to the scaling Rhodes chord patterns and Moomin sound fx, its a proper astral electro affair this one.

The title track channels a bit of a Pépé Bradock vibe. What sounds like a sped-up ‘ Impeach the President’ break creates a great sense of movement as the track works its way through a series of delayed and reversed soul and disco cuts.

Finally, the closing track ‘Hylta’ (another favourite of mine) is an oddly tropical sounding house number that uses different tunings of 808 cowbells and soft lingering pads which wouldn’t sound out of place on a Rephlex release. Good gear this.

Have a listen innit