Matt Whitehead & No Data Available – Temple Of Set EP

Top shelf Aciiieeed wobbles from Matt Whitehead & No Data Available on Jerome Hill’s mighty Super Rhythm Trax imprint.

The EP opens with ‘Full Resonance’, which does exactly what it says, raising the resonance of its central scaling Acid line as high as it can go. Stripping the fillings out of your teeth and then dropping it right back down leaving you, a sopping gurner, half cut on the floor.

‘Sahara’, as the name suggests is all about that mystic vibe, with heavily reverbed woodblocks and rims bubbling under its long arabesque leads. This is full on magic carpet business.

‘Temple of Set’ is my personal favourite on the release. Again, the arabesque chord sequence gives this a mystic rave sound, but this is huge! Climbing synths that go up and up, marching triumphantly over its growling bass walk. Deep into the bowel of House!

‘Panic in flat 13’ closes and has a dreck tinged horror acid vibe to it. Proper warehouse music for the naughty ravers