Paxton Fettel – Better Days EP

Paxton’s Back! And Greta’s Back! And it’s straight down to it with a whopping creamy dollop of no-messin‘ Skandi space-funk.

‘Better Days EP’ is, without a doubt, Paxton at his most joyful. A great piece of work from an artist who knows what turns him on and where his place in the universe is.

The opening track ‘Burning’ is a real bubbler, although short in length, it packs a punch and acts as the statement of intent for the rest of the EP.

‘This love (get over it)’ is, for me, on a par with the likes of Blaze. Proper tracky disco-inspired House music! No bullshit, beautiful, joyous and complex. The guitars and synths vamp their way around the central keyboard break which beautifully compliments the vocals. A guaranteed disco gurner.

‘Faster on Fire’ takes a more digital approach. Kind of an Italo-not-italo vibe on this one. Take a long ride on the metronomic bass, through the cloudy pads and subtle stabs until the talkbox takes you away.

‘Better Days’, as its title suggests, is incredibly optimistic. Its central piano line is so smile-inducing that, after repeated listens, my jaw hurts. Its packed full of hope and happiness, something sorely needed in dance culture these days.

My personal favourite is the closing track ‘Flavias Silver Silhouette’ which somehow manages to boil down balearica, porn funk and bluesy guitar licks. Proper Job, geddon, Devon knows m8.