Radio Cambrian Line No.2


Its been a weird old week full of highs and lows, strikes and gutters as the dude would say. In honour of that we’ve come up with a real up down selection for your audio pleasure burds. The second in our newly titled Radio Cambrian Line series spans a whole load of styff from the racks (both physical and digital, we aint purists mate) stopping off at Dub, Hip Hop, Ambient, Jazz Bangers, House Techno and beyond. With brand new releases by the likes of Hove and Strange U to old gold from Plaid and Black Uhuru. Heres the tracklist with links to buy, cos we is nice like that bey*.

  • Hove – Calme Infini – Buy It
  • Wilson Tanner – Odd Low – Buy It
  • Plaid – Ralome – Buy It
  • Ulrich Troyer – Meglomaniac Microsynth – Buy It
  • Duffstep – Together (YouandEwan Dub) – Buy It
  • Black Uhuru – Sodom – Buy It
  • Urban Dub ft Fairshare – Kill The Man Giro – Buy It
  • Domu – Rain or Shine – Buy It
  • Nick Holder – No More Dating DJ’s
  • Sixtus Priess – Lololo (Band Version) – Buy It
  • Strange U – Terminator Funk – Buy It
  • Remulak ft Cappo – Karma – Buy It
  • Moses Boyd – Rye Lane Shuffle – Buy It
  • Sons of Kemet – Inner Babylon – Buy It
  • Melesse Asmamaw – Ethiopia Hagere – Buy It
  • Mimoun Mahmoud Guinia & Floating Points – Marhaba – Buy It
  • Moscoman & Red Axes – Dikembe Manutu – Buy It
  • Daniel T – Fahrenheit – Buy It
  • Arnaldo – Plumed Serpant – Buy It
  • Special Request – Deflowered (Kassem Mosse Mix) – Buy It
  • Or:La – x&0 – Buy It
  • Sunship ft Warrior Queen – Almighty Father (Solid Groove Rmx) – Buy It
  • Mosca – Gold Bricks I See You – Buy It

*where possible we try to keep the links running to either discogs or bandcamp, why? cos they are our favourites thems all