Rob – Funky Rob Way

As a rule, I  don’t like writing about pre-sales but I can’t ignore this reissue on Analog Africa! Originally released in 1977, Rob’s Funk fuelled, future thinking, Magnum Opus ‘Funky Rob Way’ is once more available to purchase. Only 1000 copies mind, so get in quick!

Funky Rob Way is a truly brilliant record that owes as much to the Southern Soul scene and Psychedelia as it does to the African releases of its time. It’s seductive use of wah-wah guitar and smatterings of modulated Moog-like synth lines float above it’s underpinning polyrhythms, like celestial bodies, with Rob’s vocals guiding you through the whole experience.

The pick for me is the analogue funk sermon ‘Forgive us all’ which has a dark and lingering beauty to it. The synth line takes a central place here, modulating its way through the track. Robs vocals are delivered with all the desperation of a man that has all but given up, begging for some kind of otherworldly intervention.

This is truly human music, representative of the spectrum of our experience. On one side rooted deep in the earth, sex, sweat, movement and all that good stuff but always looking toward the future and to the stars

Mastered from the original tapes and pressed to 180g virgin vinyl this is not to be missed.