Tune of the day #112 (Chrimbo Speshal): The Flying Pickets – Only You

I can’t lie this is one of my all-time favourite records and 1983 Christmas Number one stonker. It’s also top-draw, pilled-up end of set gear. Don’t get me wrong, Yazoo’s original was good but the Flying Pickets absolutely smashed it. This year has been weird as fuck, starting out on a high with a new baby, then quickly spiralling downward into depression, death, misery. In the end I decided to take stock of everything I was doing and put it all into Cambrian Line. We launched the Clarach Rave Tapes, a series of C60 rave tapes for Charity and started work on my two main comics, Peng Valley and The History of UK Rave culture. We have loads more Rave tapes lined up for 2019 and hopefully some prints and comics too, not to mention a couple of awesome label releases.