Ulrich Troyer – Dolomite Dub

One of the best modern dubbers around, Vienna-based Südtiroler Ulrich Troyer returns with this incredible sonic odyssey on 4bit.

Although related, in sound to the ‘Songs of William’ trilogy, ‘Dolomite Dub’ represents somewhat of a departure for Troyer. ‘Songs of William’ concentrated on an almost micro-dubbing technique. You could easily imagine Troyer geeking out, cross-legged on the floor, lurched over a collection of stompboxes.

In contrast, ‘Dolomite Dub’ flings open the shutters of Troyer’s sound, opening up his signature crunches and warbles for a truly epic Alpine-inspired dub experience. Increments of clicks, field recordings and various percussion elements drive the drums and bass forward to meet the droning woodwind and epic bell-like clangs and dubbed perfectly by Herr Troyer.

Essentially a 40-minute dub in four parts ‘Dolomite Dub’ is inspired by a hike across the Dolomites and features the considerable talents of Didi Kern on drums & percussion, Susanna Gartmayer on contra-alto clarinet and Juergen Berlakovich on bass.

The cover is a representation of the soundscape of the album and of course a head nod to the mountain range which it seeks to replicate

An early contender for my record of the year. I really wanted to play this on the last Noods show but couldn’t find a place to fit it in this time. The records out now, so don’t sleep!