Vort – Silverlight E.P. / E-Beamz

From a stable which has already boasted stellar releases from the likes of Textasy, Bakground and Jensen Interceptor, it’s no surprise that this four tracker on E-Beamz is a must have.

‘Silverlight EP’ opens with ’50 Yen’, A brooding electro number, which features a solid acid groove and a murky dystopian soundscape that wouldn’t sound out of place in the Blade Runner soundtrack.

Soundtracks and synth-pop seem to strongly influence the release in general and Vort is fearless in using simple robotic melodies to evoke emotion. The title track is a fine example of this. For some reason, it reminds me of 80s sports themes and the Krypton Factor. The main hook is triumphant but constrained by its limited sound canvas, like Chariots of Fire put through a Nintendo filter.

‘Rainfall’ takes a different approach. Though Vort’s interest in melody and soundscapes are still very much on display, the inclusion of old skool drum patterns and the classic ‘Think’ break serve to render a warmer picture of Vort’s sound. There’s also an Orb-like quality to ‘Rainfall’, based around a nonsensical dialogue about accents, ripped from context. This is definitely my favourite of the four.

The EP closes on ‘Tulip’, a faster melodic electro affair which boasts a central melody that sounds as if it’s been lifted from one of my Parry Music Library records, again, triumphant sounding but humble.