01DEAS : The Maghreban

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I’ve been a fan of Ayman Rostom’s music for years, through his various projects working with the likes of Cappo, Jehst, Lee Scott and Kashmere as Doctor Zygote, and as one-half of UK hip-hop cosmonauts ‘Strange U’, not to mention his seminal Grupo Zygote album on Black Acre which merged haunted soundtracks, Ethio-jazz, library and heavy dub influences (a personal favourite).

The Maghreban is a vessel for channelling Ayman’s more dancefloor orientated influences, which he’s been doing to great effect for the last few years, pushing out some of the most forward-thinking House and Techno out there. Similar to his other monikers The Maghreban benefits greatly from the producer’s ability to piece together a broad spectrum of samples creating a collage of sound which is instantly recognisable. Shuffling syncopated rhythms clatter over warped funk and minor jazz while intermittent glimpses of Jungle, Techno, Disco and Dub sweep in and out.

This combination of sounds has long been The Maghreban’s calling card but the incredible thing about the 01DEAS album is that he manages to take all of these influences and boil them down into a really consistent listening experience. Highlights for me personally are ‘Mbira’ with its layered Afro Acid themes, ‘Crime Jazz’, which builds around a pensive piano cut and the odd darkly grime of ‘Needy’. It also comes in a beautiful sleeve by analogue collage artist Matt Littler. Heres me favourites….