CLMT002 | Mutti

The reclusive Munster based space cadet takes us on a kosmische reise through IDM, Electro & Techno

CL: How are you and what are doing right now?

M: I’m very fine. I’m sitting on the bank of the little lake in my town in the sunshine drinking a beer.

CL: Where are you from and how has that inspired your music?

M: I’m from a little town in Lower Saxony called Munster. It is a quiet place with a river running through it. I guess I like very futuristic sounding music, which is funny because my town is not very modern. In the 90’s there were a lot of British soldiers in Munster and I grew up listening to British soldiers radio (BFBS). It was very cool, my friends and me would drink beers and smoke and stuff and listen to the Steve Mason Experience. It sounded like the music of space and I wanted to go to space.


CL: What was the first record you remember buying?

M: I think it was KLF’s song ‘3AM Eternal’ It was always on MTV and I was in love with the bleeping noises in that record. I really wanted to drive in their car as well.

CL: What setup did you use to record the mix?

M: I will sound like a very boring old man but I used two Technics 1210 turntables and a CDJ mostly for samples, loops and effects.

CL: Did you have any concept for the Mix?

M: The mix was recorded when Germany was in lockdown. I felt pretty alone with just my pet rabbits and thought maybe it would be cool to make a mix about a space mission going wrong. Maybe with some old NASA documentary samples that I have. I tried to make it quite happy at the start and then it gets aggressive very suddenly and in the end is kind of calm, I guess. I don’t know, maybe I am watching too many sci-fis.


  • Marco Lazovic – Lost In Space
  • Vort – 50 Yen
  • Arctor – Acid Tool
  • Plant43 – Ashen Inkcap
  • Tout Casser – From Sand to Silicon
  • 96 Back – It’s Bright Out
  • Ghostwerk – Strip
  • DJ Trip Lord – Sonic Primordia
  • Sync 24 x Joonam – Prada Thunder Guns
  • Locked Club – Electro Raw
  • SHEDBUG – Annex
  • The Delta Mirror – 19 Stars over Shanghai
  • Sansibar – Liquid Programming
  • Datawave – Chandra
  • Die Gestalten – Das Wort
  • Biochip – Doctor Effect