Tune of the day No.758 Aphrodisiac – The Song of the Siren

I used to have this habit of pegging it home when I came up and running a nice hot bath […]

Tune of the day No.757 Benny Ill Vs Hatcha – Highland Spring

Mad Bollywood sampling excellence from Benny Ill and Hatcha. I wish more people put this much thought into their sampling.

Tune of the day No.756 Nick Holder feat Jemini – No More Dating DJs (Pete Rock Mix)

First time I heard this was on Rob Luis’ show in Brighton, I remember rushing out to buy it from Rounder Records.

Tune of the day No.755 Kate Bush – Under Ice

Sheer haunting brilliance from the goddess

Tune of the day No.754 Trinity Carbon – Lo Siente Sempre

Yeh it’s Sunday and I usually reserve it for a bit of weird library or ambient gubbins but I’ve been listening to this beauty loads of late so get it in you

Tune of the day No.753 Davina – Don’t You Want It (Extended)

Gorgeous classic produced by Mad Mike. Stick it on