Tune of the day No.799 Lårry Celephine Cut

Wicked doomy, bleep laden electro business from Lårry

Tune of the day No.798 Adam F – Music In My Mind

Kicking back on Tuesday with this lursh slab of filterphunked talkbox goodness from the man like Adam F

Tune of the day No.797 Dinha Mantha’s Power – Sand & Rain

Gorgeous jazz strutter from Daniel Janin’s Dinha Mantha’s Power album. Featuring Nancy Holloway on vocals and sampled by DJ Vadim […]

Tune of the day No.789 The Orb – Spanish Castles in Space

15 mins of Bill Evans sampling gorgeousness from one of the greatest albums ever made. Get yer deckchairs out!

Tune of the day No.788 Manix – Oblivion (Head in the clouds)

Got on a Manix tip now innit. Here’s my fave Manix track. Pure ecstatic mentalism. Never fails to make me […]

Tune of the day No.787 Manix – Special Request (DJ Guy Version)

Gorgeous floaty funked out iterations on the Manix classic from the mighty DJ Guy on this bananas good comp from […]