Tune of the day No.786 Silicon Scally – V Electro

Reet naughty kit from electrolord Silicon Scally on the ever brill CPU

Tune of the day No.785 Cousin Cockroach – This Ain’t Tom N Jerry

Stayin’ on the broken vibe for a minute with this twisted mutation from Cousin Cockroach aka Dego, originally released on […]

Tune of the day No.783 DJ Rap & Voyager – Burning Love

I couldn’t leave it at one Voyager tune, could I? Here’s lord Pete with DJ Rap on Proper Talent

Tune of the day No.782 Voyager – Hypersleep

Dreamy as fuck ambient D&B from a true master and hero Pete Voyager

Tune of the day No.781 Chris Liberator – Cat’s Eye

Chris Liberator on fire in ’97 with this discordant Brass banger. I vaguely remember being off my nut at a […]