Jehst ‘Reel It In’ ft. Lee Scott & Strange U

The tune of the day for me is this modern UK Hip-Hop Classic from Jehst. Proper wonky vibes from some […]

ALFOS / Leftorium

Back to work after a very relaxed 35th year on this planet. No track of the day today, but instead […]

Friday Tewnage UKG Classics

Been back in Berlin for a week now. Thats right! One week under a miserable never ending grey cloud in […]

Marijata – I Walk Alone

Fantastic song from an even more fantastic album here. Proper long low slung afro vibes here from Ghanas Marijata, makes […]

Fatback – Is this the Future

Painfully poignant boogie from Fatback here, this little foot tapper makes me gurn like a motherfucker even if it seems […]

Sixtus Preiss – Lololo

Absolute monster jam here on the affine label. Killer video for a killer track, hope you like it. I’ll be […]