Autumnal Jungle and Footwork excursions with Rotterdam badman FFF


A tour de force through Techno, Electro and wibbly bits from Carlow’s TR ONE. CL: How are you and what […]

Tune of the day No.546 The Time – Gigolos Get Lonely Too

Another Minneapolis classic here from the Time’s ‘What Time is It?’ Album. No one thinks about the poor Gigolos do […]

Cambrian Line Playlist 19th May 2020

Afternoon me ‘ansomez, I’ve only gone and updated that bleddy spotifucking playlist thing aint I?Here’s what I’m bumping this week […]

Cambrian Line Playlist 15th May 2020

Easy my lovers. I’ve not updated the playlist last week cos it were a bit doomy tbh. Anyways, It’s updated […]

Radio Cambrian Line 6th Feb 2020

Post-Brexit comedown for the first stunde noodling my way up to the hour of power in the second half. No […]