Autumnal Jungle and Footwork excursions with Rotterdam badman FFF

Radio Peng Valley 17082233

A new radio show of music that that inspires Peng Valley. Local Radio for some future erf!


A tour de force through Techno, Electro and wibbly bits from Carlow’s TR ONE. CL: How are you and what […]

CLMT002 | Mutti

The reclusive Munster based space cadet takes us on a kosmische reise through IDM, Electro & Techno CL: How are […]

CLMT001 | Libra

Bass-heavy percussive bangers from UKFunky and UKG from Frankfurt-based selector and GG Vybe member Libra!

Radio Cambrian Line 2nd April 2020 | The Final Excursion

Probably my favourite show ever and the last on Noods! Going out with a bang!!! 3 hrs of fun from […]