Radio Cambrian Line 2nd April 2020 | The Final Excursion

Probably my favourite show ever and the last on Noods! Going out with a bang!!! 3 hrs of fun from […]

Radio Cambrian Line 5th March 2020 / 3rd Borthday

It’s our third birthday over at noods. We only realised at the last minute though, so expect the same old […]

Radio Cambrian Line 6th Feb 2020

Post-Brexit comedown for the first stunde noodling my way up to the hour of power in the second half. No […]

Radio Cambrian Line 9th Jan 2020 w/Guppy Slim

Not the greatest start to the year ever is it eh? 20fuckin20 and it seems we are edging ever nearer […]

Radio Cambrian Line 12th Dec ’19

The final session of the year. As usual, broadcast live and direct from Cambrian Towers Berlin with the nipper running […]

Radio Cambrian Line 14th Nov ’19

It’s bleddy cold mate! The kindergarten’s closed n all. What else is there to do than whack the heating up […]