A tour de force through Techno, Electro and wibbly bits from Carlow’s TR ONE.

CL: How are you and what are doing right now?

T: I’m good as you can be during pandemic times. It’s not an easy time for peoples mental health so shout out to anyone who is feeling low or anxious. I’m currently at home relaxing enjoying the Irish bank holiday. 

CL: Where are you from and how has that inspired your music?

T: I’m from Carlow in the south-east of Ireland so unfortunately not a huge source of inspiration here for electronic music but it is home. Dublin is a hour away and took a lot of inspiration as a teenager from the cities greatest techno label D1 recordings. 

CL:  What was the first record you remember buying?

T: Memory is hazy but one of the earliest memories is buying Jeff Mills – Changes Of Life (Reprise mix) from the 2 euro bin in now-defunct BPM records in Waterford city. What a great record that was. Sadly misplaced my copy so have to grab it again. 

CL: What setup did you use to record the mix?

T: Just my set up at home. 2 x 1210s and my mixer combined with paranoia about upsetting the neighbours. 

CL: Did you have any concept for the mix?

T: I’m buying a lot of wax since lockdown so was good to play some new things mixed with some deep digging. I like to play across the spectrum and every mix is different but wanted to give this one a push towards electro/spacier sounds but of course the direction heads towards the dancefloor. I miss the dancefloor. 


  • David Donohoe – Your Fresh Breath Slowing So
  • Instinct – A Groove
  • Ray 7 – Zulu
  • Echo 106 – Pale Scale 2
  • Rudiman & GCZ – Catnip Freak
  • The Exaltics and Heinrich Muller – Microwave Photon (Solar One)
  • Silicon Scally – Parallel Array
  • Octave One – Eniac
  • Knox and Hawkins – Just Let Me Go
  • Itokim – Motechnique
  • Los Hermanos – Central Nervous System
  • Knox & Hawkins – Halfway
  • Matrixxman – Rites
  • Francis Juno – Scholenen
  • Decal – Freekin Empires
  • UR – The Final Frontier