Autumnal Jungle and Footwork excursions with Rotterdam badman FFF

CL: How are you and what are doing right now?

FFF: I’m fine, playing with my 3 year old and his trains and trying to make Discogs packages and answer mails in between.

CL: Where are you from and how has that inspired your music?

FFF: Originally from Vlissingen. I think that the lack of anything culturally interesting over there fuelled the fire to create my own music, comics, zines etc. Couldn’t wait to leave and move to Rotterdam (in 1998). Have stayed there ever since. Came in contact with a much wider range of music over here and met likeminded people. This definitely influenced my music.

CL: What was the first record you remember buying?

FFF: Think I was 5 and my mom took me to a discount shop full of bargain records. She let me pick 2 records, I got:
Probably because of the artwork.

CL: What setup did you use to record the mix?

FFF: CDJ’s & turntables

CL: Did you have any concept for the mix?

FFF: Not really, it’s a mixture of records & digital tracks I bought or got recently that are on heavy rotation over here.


  • Interplanetary Criminal – Vapour
  • Circa 96 – Fantasy [Ben Kei & Pesk Remix]
  • Rogue Unit – Dance Of The Sarooes
  • Sully – Bound 4
  • Cold Mission – The Sound Bizniz
  • Duburban & Jahganaut – Prayer
  • manix – It’s Just The Music
  • Coco Bryce – Sweet Gang
  • Bell Curve – Need Somewhere To Rest My Head
  • DJ FLP – Vegetables
  • Philip D Kick – Summer Moods
  • DJ Iodosan – DH 1630 SM [FasT MiX]
  • FFF – Foundation
  • X-Altera – Maximum Love
  • Acidlab – Consciousness
  • Unknown Artist – Broken Systems
  • Tim Reaper – Cityscapes