CLMT005 | Angel D’lite

Glow in the dark, serpentine rave mutations from the one and only Angel D’Lite

Dead chuffed to present this mix from one of my favourite DJ’s at the moment, Angel D’Lite!

I won’t natter on….. Strap yersen’ in for 81 mins of wild-pitch, genre-hopping, raveglorious mayhem…

CL: How are you and what are doing right now?

AD’L: I am doing OK considering the chaos in the world right now,  I have a lot to be grateful for and I’m focusing on enjoying the present moment – I’ve just finished working on my second EP and I am mega xxxxxcited because I have an insanely Wicked Local Group remix on there too !!! But RIGHT now I’m drinking tea on my sofa and listening to my favourite record at the moment – Octo Octa – Resonant Body. Could listen to it forever it’s a masterpiece.

CL: Where are you from and how has that inspired your music? 

AD’L: I’m not sure where I’m from has influenced my taste in music or the music I make, but I’m from a place called Isleworth in SW London. If you’ve ever seen ‘People Just Do Nothing’, you might know where that is. The tunes in that are pretty banging though!

CL: What was the first record you remember buying?

AD’L: It was a blue transparent 10 inch, speed garage version of Yeke Yeke – Which I still bang today.

CL: What setup did you use to record the mix?

AD’L: 2 technics MK2s and a Pioneer DJM450 but I definitely forgot to fully utilize the fun stuff as it’s still pretty new and I’m used to using a broken allen + heath at home

CL: Did you have any concept for the mix?

AD’L: I kind of wanted to play touch on everything that really makes me groove, and I  imagined I was opening at my favourite party –  ********* which I had packed a bag for at the beginning of the year with most of these records but sadly it got shut down before I played 🙁