Cyberdine Systems Corp – Cyber Attack EP

Label · Soft Computing

Released · 03/07/2020

Written by

Unknown to the Unknown’s wonderful Soft Computing sub-label returns with a gorgeous EP of sparse robotic electro. Alex Jann and DJ Haus join forces under the guise of Cyberdine Systems Corp. A nice Terminator reference never goes amiss and, to be fair, does an ample job of describing the music within.

Cyber Attack EP’ opens with its title track. Door codes, dial-up connections and explosions combine to create the rhythmical bed as spooked out pads float above and pull you in before dropping you into Cyber Attack’s sputtering bass pattern.

‘Klonk’ — my personal favourite is a heads-down miserablist affair. Spaced-out electro laced with the melodies of dead future worlds. Corona Zeit Musik.

‘Funktion Generator’ introduces a wicked, almost bruk-like dimension to the sound. Clinical offbeat snares combine with extraterrestrial melodies and mechanical bass, punctuated by filtered bass stabs that wouldn’t sound out of place on Earthworm Jim.

‘Re-Install’ has a gorgeous dreamy melancholy to it. Centred around a ghostly four-chord lead which runs until close, it’s static rhythmic elements and wet-filtered bass sounds bubble and burst below.

The EP closes out with the Perko and Solid Blake remix of ‘Funktion Generator’ which takes the track in an almost lofty minimal techno direction. Gone are the bruk elements, replaced with circadian hi-hats and delayed rim shots. Soft melodies, long delays and deeper percussion are the order of the day.

All in all a gorgeous little EP, offering the kind of electro that drives this gumpy olde kent wild. Retro yet still futuristic, pandemic soundtrack lushness. Perhaps all hope is lost but if a machine can learn the value of human life, maybe we can too.

For Fans of: Skynet, Cybotron and Moritz Simon Geist