Das Booty – Hyper Reality

Label · Das Booty

Released · 03/07/2020

Written by

London rave crew Das Booty burst into the labelsphere with an epic collection of audacious underground bangers. 

‘Hyper Reality’ opens with TR-33N’s ‘Duznt Matoke v1.3’,  where wicked staccato rave synths give way to a huuuuge distorted punching kick that carries the track upwards as spiralling acid lines snake their way around your cranium.

One of my favourite producers FFF makes an appearance with ‘Seventh Galaxy’. A departure from the breakcore and jungle tunes he’s best known for, ‘Seventh Galaxy’ is a spaced-out electro breaks number. Complete with a chunky Italo style bassline. Top banana!

My personal fave comes from lovely egg and all-round DJ supremo Rory Kelly. ‘Rump Shaka’ is a proper dancefloor destroyer. You want Bmore breaks? a sped-up ‘Darkest Light’ horn? Hamster vocal mentasm, cuts of ‘music takes you’ and gabber stabs? ‘Rump Shaka’ has it all! If you can’t move to this you might be dead.

Special Mention goes to ‘UKAEA & MC WOGAN’ for the ingenious ‘Stoppit & Dropout’. Gleened from the wickedest kiddies show ever ‘Stoppit and Tidyup’ . This will make you shit yersen and dance like a mad bastard. An absolute winner!

As you’d expect from one of Londons best Rave crews ‘Hyper Reality’ boasts a serious cache of dancefloor weapons from the likes of DJ Please, Selfhood, Dexcorcist and RRRitalin to name but a few. Pure bangers lie within.

For fans of: Sweat sodden trakkies with vents up the side and gratuitous jaw action