Drumskull – Interlocked

Label · Seagrave

Released · 07/08/2020

Written by

Seagrave have been putting out impeccable genre bounding releases from the likes of REQ, Isshu and Blackbird Leys’ bassbin botherer Low End Activist for some time now. If I wrote for mainstream devils I might describe them as being a label pushing the Hardcore continuum, but I don’t, so I wont! It’s much deeper than that! 

A twisted genealogy of disparate subcultures fuels their output. Hip Hop meets Punk meets EBM meets Rave Culture and beyond. Music drawn from a laundry list of experience and culture. From squats to skate parks. From raves to railway lines. It’s In this spirit that Drumskull picks up the baton.

‘Interlocked’ opens with ‘Battle Stations’, a slick dramatic Jungle inspired workout that wouldn’t sound out of place in the golden age of Metalheadz (circa ‘97). Drama, drama and more drama! The drum production is deep. Breaks cutting in and out. Atomic elements surrounding a solitary clap, forcing you to half step the rhythm. The press release mentions Drumskull’s experience on the skins and it really shows here. The attention to detail and the groove is unmistakable.

On ‘Broken Rinse’ Drumskull switches lanes and steers in the direction of bruk. Though its rolling drum patterns may be inspired by artists like Domu, it isn’t that friendly! It’s raw, almost Punk in its approach. Grotty, distorted, similar to nastier tracks like Altered Natives’ ‘Wasteman Disposal’. Rattling distorted snares juxtaposed against joyful funked-out synth stabs and soft rising chord patterns. Light and dark all at once. It’s a beauty.

My personal favourite ‘Negative 7’ marries all the elements of Hardcore, Acid and Jungle that I love most. Wild pitching drum breaks roll over a never-ending staircase of claps. Intermittent blips, bleeps and alarms, punctuated by rave stabs and bass drops. Building up to a long pad which pulls the whole thing into an unrelenting groove. It makes my jaw hurt. 

Packaged in a gorgeous gatefold with photography from Amir Zaki and handstyle titles from REQ this is no brainer, you need this!

For fans of: Skate parks, smashing skins and mucky provincial raves