Friday Tewnage UKG Classics

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Been back in Berlin for a week now. Thats right! One week under a miserable never ending grey cloud in place populated entirely by bob-cutted, nans sweater wearing, neo-hippy-coke-vegans and plastic anarchist Berghain carbon copies on a gap year from some middle class paradise.

annddd Breathe….

I read somewhere that in the face of adversity the strong never back down!… but.. what do they do?

Thats right burds! They list out 5 of their favourite UKG/2step jams!!!

Happy weekend yew nobbers xxxx

No.1. Shaun Escoffery – Days Like This ( Spinna & Ticklah Club Mix )

Not Strikly UKG but a right old bleddy bouncey sunny wonder with a lovely swing beat to it

No.2. Sound of One – As I Am (Todd Edwards Mix)

If Todd’s only purpose in life was to make me bounce about like a gurning cheshire cat then he has served it well, many times over, this is only a tiny example

No.3. 702 You Don’t Know (Reservoir Dogs Vocal Mix)

Ladies crew classic. bleddy lovely drifter for when you want to wind up and down like a twister

No.4. Tina Moore – Never Gonna Let You Go

“Never let you go-ohooooh-oh-ohhh-owwww”, nuff said

No.5. Groove Chronicles – Stone Cold

I think this is my all-time favourite UKG record, The production is so pure, the bass some grimy, the sax sublime and that aaliyah sample corrrrr