Iain Lowery – Februum

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My current favourite Singer/Song-writer/Producer/OneManBand & native of Norwich Iain Lowery has returned! This time with an album, a bleddy great one too, written and recorded in a month; he’s a right showy bastard I tell you.

‘Februum’ was written in response to the RPM challenge and in all honesty its so good that, if I had the money, I would be pressing CD’s or vinyl or something whilst attempting to teach him some hybrid Gangnam Style influenced dance moves for the promo video. Sadly for Iain, who I’m sure cuts a decent rug, I’m skint, as is he by the sound it.

The Album follows Iain as he adventures through perhaps the gloomiest month on record kicking off with the symbolic ‘Cold Metal Frame’. It’s absurdly optimistic and warm country style chord progressions punctuated nicely by some suitable cheapo Casiotone style keyboard bits reflect perfectly the deluded sense optimism I always seem to get at the end of January before the realisation sets in; ‘it aint over yet’.

The title track manages to sum up my most hated of months perfectly in 1 minute and 41 seconds, with Iain cheerfully singing great lines like “Its a hard frost, if you’re Macedonian or Ukranian, or a month of no money or heating if you are me”.

The whole album is glued together with some great experimental ambient things too such as ‘Big Yoghurt and the Emergency Services’ and ‘The Washing’. The other highlight, for me, is the hilariously idle ‘Disco Fever’ with it’s faux-electro-disco stylings and Iain claiming to be in a “Disco Trance”, lazily ordering the listener to “Get up and Dance”, while sounding as if he’s wrapped in four blankets and lying on the couch; remote control in hand.

This strain of Self-deprecating humour runs through so much of Iain’s music. It’s really the thing I love most and can be found equally in both the lyrics and the arrangement. At least that’s my slant on it. If you like Tunng, Syd Barrett and earlier Pulp records you will simply love this and should pay the man for this masterstroke!

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