Jammo’s Punk Design Faves Vol .1

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If you happen to follow my design work as 5-HT2 or even some of my comic crap as A Guy Called James you’ll probably have worked out that I’m quite interested in rough linework*, heavily degraded images and cut and paste xerox spaß. In that spirit, I’ve taken it upon myself to root through me archives to put together a little collection of some Punk related bits that I find inspiring.

Reet saucy cover from Jolt Zine. Is that Dame Edna?
Magic Overprint Nastiness courtesy of CRASS
Two Colour Magic
This promo poster for London’s Burning is one of my favourite things ever
Xerox Dreamscape Majesty on this Bad Brains poster from the US

Let’s end up with a nice bit of footage of X-Ray Spex performing Oh Bondage! Up Yours!

*It’s not just lack of ability on my part (but it is mostly)