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Transmission Date 17th Aug 2233

A brief history of post-shift music culture by Dolos E. Lewis

The year is 2233 and the world is a very different place. Though much of our progenitor’s culture has been lost to us, some important traditions have been passed down. 100 years after the great shift their ghosts remain. Buried deep in the rocks and ancient forests which made up their world.

During the long winter of 2165, a team of archaeologists uncovered a cache of cultural artefacts from a sinkhole just outside Threespor (previously known as Aberystwyth). Among these were recordings of late 20th-century Radio Ceredigion broadcasts.

After the shift, music had all but disappeared from popular culture. Life in this new earth-age began to focus on what our ancestors had done wrong and not on the gifts they had bestowed. Music became a kind of social lubricant. Inputted directly into the receivers auditory cortex and catered to their specific situation. Casually inviting them to buy a new hovercar or paint their front door a lovely shade of green. Never though, did it engage with our primal needs, to love to dance, to fight, to fuck. The algorithms had reduced everything to muzak.

It wasn’t long before pirated files of the Threespor recordings made their way into the bedrooms and hearts of Peng Valley’s disenchanted teens, who, inspired by their energy, set about making their own amateur radio broadcasts. The scene was small and the music on the Threespor recordings — being largely chart hits, became, after a time, uninspiring to the young radio makers. The sense of community that shows fostered, with their catchy jingles and local business ads continued to fire their imagination.

2169 saw a new wave of radio, with the discovery of a large hoard of rave tapes, and recordings of the John Peel show near the site of the People’s Pyramid in Lil Brakit. Fuelled by this latest haul, pioneering young developers altered the muzak algorithm’s codebase, repurposing it as a tool for piracy. The algorithm ‘Eko’ was born. Eko was capable of instantly reproducing an entire show’s worth of songs. Editing and even restructuring the track if necessary. Rebirthing this long lost original music. Waking the ghosts. Shows were broadcast in both EssentialAudio and VR Format.

By far the most famous of these shows was Radio Peng Valley’s ‘Night Drive’ show. A rich casserole of pre-shift computer music. Broadcast, monthly, late in the night.


  • OG Jigg & Friends – May Queen (Unperson Mix)
  • Yameneko – Tripel Karmeliet
  • BL ME – Surate
  • Rings Around Saturn – I Can See Look Am At We
  • Legowelt – Arcade Breeze (Living In the Rain)
  • Drumskull – Negative 7
  • Lean Carcass and Dome Zero – The Dispute
  • Sonar’s Ghost – Science of Silence
  • Altered Natives – Skankysket Riddim
  • Nidia Minaj – Puto Luri
  • Luke Vibert – Lower
  • DJ Phil feat DJ Manny – CPU
  • BNDT72 – (DJ Spinn Remix)
  • CM-4 Super Tiger