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Tune of the day No.674 Lonnie Liston Smith – A Garden of Peace

Setting off this week off with a gorgeous melancholic key twiddler from the legend Lonnie Liston Smith

Tune of the day No.631 Thomas Dolby – Dissidents

The opener from big Tom's '84 Banger 'The Flat Earth'. Proper mental New Wave funk futurism for them that know.

Tune of the day No.624 Lafayette Afro Rock Band – Hihache

Tell yew wot, we've got a proper Funk sesh on at Cambrian Towers, this classic has been spun more than once :)

Tune of the day No.623 Elias Rahbani – Dance of Maria

Bangin' Lebanese Funk from the toppermost shelf, all tapey and warped out. Ooof, the wow and flutter on them shakers. https://www.youtu...

Tune of the day No.608 Funkadelic – (Not Just) Knee Deep

A P-Funk meisterwerk to kick a hole in this new week. Untouchable! ...

Tune of the day No.597 Prince – Ballad of Dorothy Parker

It's a tough call picking a favourite from his purpleness but, this is definitely a contender. If Boards of Canada weren't cribbing over th...