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Tune of the day No.788 Manix – Oblivion (Head in the clouds)

Got on a Manix tip now innit. Here's my fave Manix track. Pure ecstatic mentalism. Never fails to make me gurn

Tune of the day No.704 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse – Drowning In Her

Here's mad darkside brain wobbler from the legendary Tone Def Records. A proper jaw destroyer this

Tune of the day No.679 DJ Solo – Darkage

A Production House banger for your dancing pleasure. Amens, hamster vocals and weird bleeps are the order of the day. I've got a sweat on ...

Tune of the day No.518 Ellis Dee & DJ Swanee – Ruffneck Bizznizz

A Saturday night rave classic courtesy of the legendary Ellis Dee and Swanee on Earl Falconer's Rough Tone Recordings. Rave leg on http...