Upsammy – Zoom

Label · Dekmantel

Released · 15/06/2020

Written by

Zoom’ finally sees Upsammy’s first full-length outing and it’s a proper beauty! Gorgeous, plink-plonk melodies, strange robotic rhythms and warm pads are the order of the day. Upsammy makes music that drags you in (at least it does me) and demands your full attention.

On ‘Zoom’ Upsammy takes that sound to new levels. From the aquatic ambience of ‘Melt In My Heated Hands’, with its reverb-laden blips and undulating lead to the spectral dancehall of ‘It Drips’.

‘Send Zen’ is the stand out track for me. It sounds like Kraftwerk’s Schaufensterpuppen‘ boiled down into the odd-funk of Cat Stevens’ ‘Was Dog a Doughnut?‘. Choral pads, mechanical drum patterns and weird environmental elements are combined with a dub-techno sensibility. Atonal, thematic and bizarre. It’s truly excellent.

“Extra Warm” also deserves a mention. Tropical braindance of the highest order. A beautiful Casio skank with double-time drums and floating melodies. Music for cosmic islands and smiles for miles.